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Tuscany genuine taste

Thursday, 21 May - 8.00pm onwards


On Thursday 21 May, get ready to an atypical experience, through which you will taste the most genuine Tuscany products at the food market. Enter a fancy colored and lively food court and immerse yourself in a culinary and fully-sensorial event combining the traditional and informal atmosphere of the street market with the excellent Italian gastronomic delights.

The ICSE 2015 banquet will consist of a special Evening at the recently renovated first floor of the 'Mercato Centrale' (Central Market) in Florence!

The Central Market is a historical and fascinating building located in the Medicean San lorenzo district, in the heart of the old city. It was originally opened in 1874, as part of the urban redevelopment at the time Florence became the capital of Italy in the late nineteenth century.

The Market was designed by Architect Giuseppe Mengoni, who would go down in history as the father of Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Mengoni wanted to merge old and new, using the most modern materials, such as cast iron and glass, with bossage as a reference to the Renaissance.

Today, the Market is one of the best places where the local food culture is preserved. Inside the market, vendors sell various primary ingredients of Tuscan cuisine in the many ground floor stands. On the first floor you find a modern and bright space devoted to fine wine and food, represented by several boutiques featuring gourmet products.

On occasion of ICSE banquet the whole structure of Mercato Centrale and its boutiques are reserved to delight our palates. Participants can freely move around and pick their preferred food directly from the producing shops.

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