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ACM SRC Research Abstracts

Please find a list of the accepted papers for the ACM SRC Track.

Congratulations to the authors!!


Understanding Conflicts Arising from Collaborative Development

Paola Accioly


Mastering Global Exceptions with Policy-Aware Recommendations

Eiji Adachi Barbosa


Post-Dominator Analysis for Precisely Handling Implicit Flows

Abhishek Bichhawat


Casper: Using Ghosts to Debug Null Deferences with Dynamic Causality Traces

Benoit Cornu


Automatic Categorization of Software Libraries Using Bytecode

Javier Escobar-Avila


Fighting against the Android Antipatterns’ Scourge

Geoffrey Hecht


A Combined Technique of GUI Ripping and Input Perturbation Testing for Android Apps

Gennaro Imparato


Enabling Testing of Android Apps

Mario Linares-Vásquez


Mining Temporal Properties of Data Invariants

Caroline Lemieux


Textual Analysis for Code Smell Detection

Fabio Palomba


Fast and Precise Statistical Code Completion

Pascal Roos


Profiling Kernels Behavior to Improve CPU / GPU Interactions

Ronie Salgado


A Large Scale Study of License Usage on GitHub

Christopher Vendome


Deep Representations for Software Engineering

Martin White

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