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SEIS Papers

Please find a list of the accepted papers for the Software Engineering In Society Track.

Congratulations to the authors!!


Short Papers ( 4 pages )


On the Role of Value Sensitive Concerns in Software Engineering Practice

Balbir S. Barn; Ravinder Barn; Franco Raimondi


Engineering Sustainability through Language

Ruzanna Chitchyan; Walter Cazzola; Awais Rashid


SOA4DM: Applying an SOA Paradigm to Coordination in Humanitarian Disaster Response

Kelly Lyons; Christie Oh


AppCivist - A Service-Oriented Software Platform for Socially Sustainable Activism

Animesh Pathak; Valerie Issarny; James Holston


Managing Emergent Ethical Concerns for Software Engineering in Society

Awais Rashid; Karenza Moore; Corinne May-Chahal; Ruzanna Chitchyan


Dementia and Social Sustainability: Challenges for Software Engineering

Pete Sawyer; Alistair Sutcliffe; Paul Rayson; Christopher Bull


Long Papers ( 10 pages )


Interdisciplinary Design Patterns for Socially Aware Computing

Harun Baraki; Kurt Geihs; Christian Voigtmann; Axel Hoffmann; Romy Kniewel; Björn-Elmar Macek


Sustainability Design and Software: The Karlskrona Manifesto

Christoph Becker; Ruzanna Chitchyan; Leticia Duboc; Steve Easterbrook; Birgit Penzenstadler; Norbert Seyff; Colin C. Venters


Enabling the Definition and Enforcement of Governance Rules in Open Source Systems

Javier L. Canovas Izquierdo; Jordi Cabot


Cognitively Sustainable ICT with Ubiquitous Mobile Services - Challenges and Opportunities

Marcus Jägemar; Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic


Agile Prototyping for Wicked Problems in Social Software Engineering

Peter Newman; Maria Angela Ferrario; Will Simm; Stephen Forshaw; Adrian Friday; Jon Whittle


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