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SEIP Contributions

Please find a list of the accepted contributions for the Software Engineering In Practice Track.

Congratulations to the authors!!




Code Reviews Do Not Find Bugs. How the Current Code Review Best Practice Slows Us Down

Jacek Czerwonka; Michaela Greiler; Jack Tilford

How and When to Transfer Software Engineering Research via Extensions

David Shepherd; Kostadin Damevski; Lori Pollock


Experience reports and case studies ( 10 pages )


Striving for Failure: An Industrial Case Study about Test Failure Prediction

Jeff Anderson; Saeed Salem; Hyunsook Do


A Field Study on Fostering Structural Navigation with Prodet

Vinay Augustine; Patrick Francis; Xiao Qu; David Shepherd; Will Snipes; Christoph Braunlich; Thomas Fritz


SPF: A Middleware for Social Interaction in Mobile Proximity Environments

Luciano Baresi; Laurent-Walter Goix; Sam Guinea; Valerio Panzica La Manna; Jacopo Aliprandi; Dario Archetti


Merits of Organizational Metrics in Defect Prediction: An Industrial Replication

Bora Caglayan; Burak Turhan; Ayse Bener; Mayy Habayeb; Andriy Miranskyy; Enzo Cialini


Measuring Dependency Freshness in Software Systems

Joël Cox; Eric Bouwers; Marko van Eekelen; Joost Visser


Avoiding Security Pitfalls with Functional Programming: a Report on the Development of a Secure XML Validator

Damien Doligez; Christèle Faure; Thérèse Hardin; Manuel Maarek


Improving Predictability, Efficiency and Trust of Model-Based Proof Activity

Jean-Frédéric Etienne; Manuel Maarek; Florent Anseaume; Véronique Delebarre


An Industrial Case Study on the Automated Detection of Performance Regressions in Heterogeneous Environments

King Chun Foo; Zhen Ming (Jack) Jiang; Bram Adams; Ahmed E. Hassan; Ying Zou; Parminder Flora


Automatic and Continuous Software Architecture Validation

Maayan Goldstein; Itai Segall


Enron's Spreadsheets and Related Emails: A Dataset and Analysis

Felienne Hermans; Emerson Murphy-Hill


Empirically Detecting False Test Alarms Using Association Rules

Kim Herzig; Nachiappan Nagappan


A Case Study in Locating the Architectural Roots of Technical Debt

Rick Kazman; Yuanfang Cai; Ran Mo; Lu Xiao; Qiong Feng; Serhiy Haziyev; Volodymy Fedak; Andriy Shapochka


A Large-Scale Technology Evaluation Study: Effects of Model-Based Analysis and Testing

Michael Klaes; Thomas Bauer; Andreas Dereani; Thomas Soederqvist; Philipp Helle


Metamorphic Model-Based Testing Applied on NASA DAT - An Experience Report

Mikael Lindvall; Dharmalingam Ganesan; Ragnar Ardal; Robert Wiegand


Comparing Software Architecture Recovery Techniques Using Accurate Dependencies

Thibaud Lutellier; Devin Chollack; Joshua Garcia; Lin Tan; Derek Rayside; Nenad Medvidovic; Robert Kroeger


Performance Analysis Using Subsuming Methods: An Industrial Case Study

David Maplesden; Karl von Randow; Ewan Tempero; John Hosking; John Grundy


Systematic Testing of Reactive Software with Non-deterministic Events: A Case Study on LG Electric Oven

Yongbae Park; Shin Hong; Moonzoo Kim; Dongju Lee; Junhee Cho


Industry Practices and Event Logging: Assessment of a Critical Software Development Process

Antonio Pecchia; Marcello Cinque; Gabriella Carrozza; Domenico Cotroneo


Design and Evaluation of a Customizable Multi-Domain Reference Architecture on Top of Product Lines of Self-Driving Heavy Vehicles – An Industrial Case Study

Jan Schröder; Daniela Holzner; Christian Berger; Carl-Johan Hoel; Leo Laine; Anders Magnusson


“Should We Move to Stack Overflow?” Measuring the Utility of Social Media for Developer Support

Megan Squire


Online Defect Prediction for Imbalanced Data

Ming Tan; Lin Tan; Sashank Dara; Caleb Mayuex


Approximating Attack Surfaces with Stack Traces

Christopher Theisen; Kim Herzig; Patrick Morrison; Brendan Murphy; Laurie Williams


An Empirical Study on Quality Issues of Production Big Data Platform

Hucheng Zhou; Jian-Guang Lou; Hongyu Zhang; Haoxiang Lin; Tingting Qin


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