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NIER Papers

Please find a list of the accepted papers for the New Ideas and Emerging Results Track.

Congratulations to the authors!!

May 21st, Thursday, 04:00 pm - 05:30 pm
Room: Passi Perduti

CodeAware: Sensor-Based Fine-Grained Monitoring and Management of Software Artifacts

Rui Abreu; Hakan Erdogmus; Alexandre Perez


Rapid Multi-Purpose, Multi-Commit Code Analysis

Carol Alexandru; Harald Gall


Commit Bubbles

Titus Barik; Kevin Lubick; Emerson Murphy-Hill


How (Much) Do Developers Test?

Moritz Beller; Georgios Gousios; Andy Zaidman


A Unified Framework for the Comprehension of Software's Time Dimension

Omar Benomar; Houari Sahraoui; Pierre Poulin


Information Transformation: An Underpinning Theory for Software Engineering

David Clark; Robert Feldt; Simon Poulding; Shin Yoo


Mining Software Repositories for Social Norms

Hoa Khanh Dam; Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu; Daniel Avery; Aditya Ghose


Dynamic Safety Cases for through-Life Safety Assurance

Ewen Denney; Ibrahim Habli; Ganesh Pai


New Initiative: The Naturalness of Software

Premkumar Devanbu


Correctness and Relative Correctness

Nafi Diallo; Wided Ghardallou; Ali Mili


Virtual Reality in Software Engineering: Affordances, Applications, and Challenges

Anthony Elliott; Brian Peiris; Chris Parnin


An Initiative to Improve Reproducibility and Empirical Evaluation of Software Testing Techniques

Francisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto; Richard Torkar; Patricia D. L. Machado


When App Stores Listen to the Crowd to Fight Bugs in the Wild

Maria Gomez; Matias Martinez; Martin Monperrus; Romain Rouvoy


Leveraging Informal Documentation to Summarize Classes and Methods in Context

Latifa Guerrouj; David Bourque; Peter C. Rigby


Incorporating Human Intention into Self-Adaptive Systems

Shihong Huang; Pedro Miranda


Towards Explicitly Elastic Programming Frameworks

K.R. Jayaram


A Vision of Crowd Development

Thomas D. LaToza; André van der Hoek


Evolution-Aware Monitoring-Oriented Programming

Owolabi Legunsen; Darko Marinov; Grigore Rosu


Free Hugs — Praising Developers for Their Actions

Roberto Minelli; Andrea Mocci; Michele Lanza


Optimising Energy Consumption of Design Patterns

Adel Noureddine; Ajitha Rajan


Smart Programming Playgrounds

Rohan Padhye; Pankaj Dhoolia; Senthil Mani; Vibha Singhal Sinha


Capsule-Oriented Programming

Hridesh Rajan


Inferring Behavioral Specifications from Large-Scale Repositories by Leveraging Collective Intelligence

Hridesh Rajan; Tien N. Nguyen; Gary T. Leavens; Robert Dyer


On Architectural Diversity of Dynamic Adaptive Systems

Hui Song; Amal Elgammal; Vivek Nallur; Franck Chauvel; Franck Fleurey; Siobhan Clarke


Fast Feedback Cycles in Empirical Software Engineering Research

Antonio Vetrò; Saahil Ognawala; Daniel Méndez Fernández; Stefan Wagner

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