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JSEET Contributions

Please find a list of the accepted papers for the Joint SE Education and Training Track.

Congratulations to the authors!!

Panel Session


Industry/University Collaboration in Software Engineering Education: Refreshing and Retuning Our Strategies

Nancy Mead


Short Papers ( 4 pages )


Improving Student Group Work with Collaboration Patterns: A Case Study

Christian Köppe; Marko van Eekelen; Stijn Hoppenbrouwers


Masters-Level Software Engineering Education and the Enriched Student Context

Jon Hall; Lucia Rapanotti


Combining Mastery Learning with Project-Based Learning in a First Programming Course: An Experience Report

Mehdi Jazayeri


Remote Development and Distance Delivery of Innovative Courses: Challenges and Opportunities

Kristina Marasović; Mike Lutz


Code Repurposing as an Assessment Tool

Joseph Sant


Collaborative and Cooperative-Learning in Software Engineering Courses

Neelam Soundarajan; Swaroop Joshi; Rajiv Ramnath


Teaching Software Systems Thinking at The Open University

Michel Wermelinger; Jon Hall; Lucia Rapanotti; Leonor Barroca; Magnus Ramage; Arosha Bandara



Full Papers ( 10 pages )


CS/SE Instructors Can Improve Student Writing without Reducing Class Time Devoted to Technical Content: Experimental Results

Paul V. Anderson; Sarah Heckman; Mladen Vouk; David Wright; Michael Carter; Janet E. Burge; Gerald C. Gannod


Effectiveness of Persona with Personality Traits on Conceptual Design

Farshid Anvari; Deborah Richards; Michael Hitchens; Muhammad Ali Babar


Code Hunt: Experience with Coding Contests at Scale

Judith Bishop; Nigel Horspool; Tao Xie; Nikolai Tillmann; Jonathan de Halleux


System Thinking: Educating T-Shaped Software Engineers

Barry Boehm; Supannika Koolmanojwong Mobasser


Using GSwE2009 for the Evaluation of a Master Degree in Software Engineering in the Universidad de la República

Lucía Camilloni; Diego Vallespir; Mark Ardis


Evolution of Software Development Strategies

Katrina Falkner; Claudia Szabo; Rebecca Vivian; Nickolas Falkner


In Search of the Emotional Design Effect in Programming

Lassi Haaranen; Petri Ihantola; Juha Sorva; Arto Vihavainen


Contest Based Learning with Blending Software Engineering and Business Management

Noriko Hanakawa


Does outside-in Teaching Improve the Learning of Object Oriented Programming?

Erica Janke; Philipp Brune; Stefan Wagner


Software Design Studio: A Practical Example

Jaejoon Lee; Gerald Kotonya; Jon Whittle; Christopher Bull


Transparently Teaching in the Context of Game-Based Learning: The Case of Simules-W

Elizabeth Suescún Monsalve; Julio Cesar Sampaio Do Prado Leite; Vera Maria B. Werneck


Learning Global Agile Software Engineering Using Same-Site and Cross-Site Teams

Maria Paasivaara; Kelly Blincoe; Casper Lassenius; Daniela Damian; Jyoti Sheoran; Francis Harrison; Prashant Chhabra; Aminah Yussuf; Veikko Isotalo


Educating Software Engineering Managers – Revisited What Software Project Managers Need to Know Today

Lawrence Peters; Ana M. Moreno


Teaching Software Architecture to Undergraduate Students: An Experience Report

Chandan Rupakheti; Stephen Chenoweth


Active and Inductive Learning in Software Engineering Education

Yvonne Sedelmaier; Dieter Landes


Novice Code Understanding Strategies during a Software Maintenance Assignment

Claudia Szabo


Concurrent Software Engineering and Robotics Education

Jiwon Shin; Andrey Rusakov; Bertrand Meyer


Experiences in Developing and Delivering a Programme of Part-Time Education in Software and Systems Security

Andrew Simpson; Andrew Martin; Cas Cremers; Ivan Flechais; Ivan Martinovic; Kasper Rasmussen


The Development of a Dashboard Tool for Visualising Online Teamwork Discussions

Rebecca Vivian; Hamid Tarmazdi; Katrina Falkner; Nickolas Falkner; Claudia Szabo


Drawing Insight from Student Perceptions of Reflective Design Learning

Thomas Wilkins; John Georgas

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