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Please find a list of the accepted papers for the Demonstrations Track.

Congratulations to the authors!!


scvRipper: Video Scraping Tool for Modeling Developers’ Behavior Using Interaction Data

Lingfeng Bao; Jing Li; Zhenchang Xing; Xinyu Wang; Bo Zhou


Bootstrapping Mobile App Development

Scott Barnett; Rajesh Vasa; John Grundy


StressCloud: A Tool for Analysing Performance and Energy Consumption of Cloud Applications

Feifei Chen; John Grundy; Jean-Guy Schneider; Yun Yang; Qiang He


FormTester: Effective Integration of Model-Based and Manually Specified Test Cases

Rahul Dixit; Gerald Weber; Christof Lutteroth


MU-MMINT: An IDE for Model Uncertainty

Michalis Famelis; Naama Ben-David; Alessio Di Sandro; Rick Salay; Marsha Chechik


The ECCO Tool: Extraction and Composition for Clone-and-Own

Stefan Fischer; Lukas Linsbauer; Roberto Erick Lopez-Herrejon; Alexander Egyed


CACHECA: A Cache Language Model Based Code Suggestion Tool

Christine Franks; Zhaopeng Tu; Premkumar Devanbu; Vincent Hellendoorn


Ekstazi: Lightweight Test Selection

Milos Gligoric; Lamyaa Eloussi; Darko Marinov


StriSynth: Synthesis for Live Programming

Sumit Gulwani; Mikaël Mayer; Filip Niksic; Ruzica Piskac


Interactive Synthesis Using Free-Form Queries

Tihomir Gvero; Viktor Kuncak


Security Toolbox for Detecting Novel and Sophisticated Android Malware

Benjamin Holland; Tom Deering; Suresh Kothari; Jon Mathews; Nikhil Ranade


ChangeScribe: A Tool for Automatically Generating Commit Messages

Mario Linares-Vásquez; Luis Fernando Cortes-Coy; Jairo Aponte; Denys Poshyvanyk


Bixie: Finding and Understanding Inconsistent Code

Tim McCarthy; Martin Schäf; Philipp Rümmer


Varis: IDE Support for Embedded Client Code in PHP Web Applications

Hung Viet Nguyen; Christian Kaestner; Tien N. Nguyen


Extract Package Refactoring in ARIES

Fabio Palomba; Michele Tufano; Gabriele Bavota; Rocco Oliveto; Andrian Marcus; Denys Poshyvanyk; Andrea De Lucia


Automated Program Repair in an Integrated Development Environment

Yu Pei; Carlo A. Furia; Martin Nordio; Bertrand Meyer


JRebel.Android: Runtime Class- and Resource Reloading for Android

Rein Raudjärv; Allan Gregersen


Analysis of Android Inter-App Security Vulnerabilities Using COVERT

Alireza Sadeghi; Hamid Bagheri; Sam Malek


Source Code Curation on StackOverflow: The Vesperin System

Huascar Sanchez; Jim Whitehead


VERMEER: A Tool for Tracing and Explaining Faulty C Programs

Daniel Schwartz-Narbonne; Chanseok Oh; Martin Schäf; Thomas Wies


TesMa and CATG: Automated Test Generation Tools for Models of Enterprise Applications

Haruto Tanno; Xiaojing Zhang; Hoshino Takashi; Koushik Sen


TaskNav: Task-Based Navigation of Software Documentation

Christoph Treude; Mathieu Sicard; Marc Klocke; Martin P. Robillard


Ariadne: Topology Aware Adaptive Security for Cyber-Physical Systems

Christos Tsigkanos; Liliana Pasquale; Carlo Ghezzi; Bashar Nuseibeh


ViDI: The Visual Design Inspector

Yuriy Tymchuk; Andrea Mocci; Michele Lanza


FlexiSketch Team: Collaborative Sketching and Notation Creation on the Fly

Dustin Wüest; Norbert Seyff; Martin Glinz


Chiminey: Reliable Computing and Data Management Platform in the Cloud

Iman Yusuf; Ian Thomas; Maria Spichkova; Steve Androulakis; Grischa Meyer; Daniel Drumm; George Opletal; Salvy P. Russo; Ashley M. Buckle; Heinz W. Schmidt


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