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Technical Research: Mining



May 21st, Thursday, 02:00 pm - 03:30 pm
Session Chair: Patrizio Pelliccione
Room: GF

02:00 - 02:30




Jieming Zhu; Pinjia He; Qiang Fu; Hongyu Zhang; Michael R. Lyu; Dongmei Zhang

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Microsoft Research, China


02:30 - 03:00




Vitalii Avdiienko; Konstantin Kuznetsov; Alessandra Gorla; Andreas Zeller; Steven Arzt; Siegfried Rasthofer; Eric Bodden

Saarland University, Germany; TU Darmstadt, Germany


03:00 - 03:30




Max Schaefer; Arthur Baars; Anders Henriksen; Pavel Avgustinov; Galen Menzel; Oege de Moor; Julian Tibble; Greg Lavender

Semmle Ltd., UK

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